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May 3, 2014

For the serious space program enthusiast, SpaceFest is one of the highlights of the year. The event features an extraordinary array of NASA astronauts, including moonwalkers, shuttle captains, veterans of Skylab, and the Mercury and Gemini missions. It can be quite a humbling experience to spend time with those who participated in the greatest adventure of all time.

For the past two years, SpaceFest has been held at the Starr Pass resort in Tucson (Tucson being home to the organizers, Kim and Sally Poor of NovaSpace). For SpaceFest VI, the event returns to California, to the Pasadena Convention Center from Friday, May 9 through Sunday, May 11. Astronaut guests this year include Buzz Aldrin, Gene Cernan, Alan Bean, Dave Scott, Edgar Mitchell, James McDivitt, Walt Cunningham and many more. In addition SpaceFest attracts a wide variety of prominent science advocates and authors, and some of this year's speakers are Dr. Carolyn Porco of the Cassini Imaging team, author David Levy, space exploration advocate and Deep Space Industries founder Rick Tumlinson, Emily Lackdawalla of the Planetary Society, SETI's Seth Shostak, astronomers Nick Howes and Thomas Bopp and many others.

I am also speaking and I find it an extraordinary honor to appear alongside some of the most accomplished scientists and explorers of our times. I will be presenting a new talk called "Meteorites and Me — We're not from around here" at 1 pm on Saturday, May 9. I am also delighted to be participating in the Asteroids Panel at 9 am on Sunday, moderated by Nick Howes and featuring a stellar lineup including Apollo astronaut and B612 founder, Rusty Schweickart.

Part of the Aerolite Meteorites team will be attending with me, and are driving to Pasadena from our HQ in Tucson, with a spectacular assortment of meteorites and collectibles. I'll be available to meet and talk with visitors and sign copies of my books on all three days.

It's tough to pick a highlight from last year's SpaceFest. I got to show last man on the moon Gene Cernan a large lunar meteorite; chatted with British superstar (and fellow rock 'n' roller) Brian Cox, and even belted out a few rock songs on stage with space historian Andy Chaikin and the Dead Center band.

For me, the most important thing is the fact that I get to stand in the presence of true greatness. Where else could you have lunch with Buzz Aldrin? Space exploration enthusiasts . . . don't miss SpaceFest 2014!

Apollo astronaut Gene Cernan and STEM advocate Geoff Notkin examine a lunar meteorite
I examine a lunar meteorite with Gene Cernan — the last man on the moon — at SpaceFest 2013
Skylab astronaut and Meteorite Men's Geoff Notkin at SpaceFest 2013
With friend and Skylab veteran Dr. Ed Gibson at SpaceFest 2013
Rock Stars: Professor Brian Cox and Geoff Notkin of "Meteorite Men" at SpaceFest 2013
Presenting science superstar (and fellow rock 'n' roller) Professor Brian Cox with a copy of my memoir, Rock Star: Adventures of a Meteorite Man
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